Love shopping for clothes? These are 5 onlinestores that can be chosen, Jakarta  Especially for people who don’t like to visit shopping centers, with the help of technology that has been growing like now, shopping can already be done from home.

Shopping  online , for some people, especially those who are busy and do not have free time, this activity will be an option when they want to buy an item. Especially for women who love shopping but are too busy with work and taking care of the household.

Here are 5  online clothing stores   that can be used as choices, as quoted from Kasita:

1. Cotton Ink

This  online clothing store   is probably the most popular with many people. Especially young people or  millennials .

At present, Cotton Ink already has many offline stores in major shopping centers in Jakarta, one of which is at Plaza Indonesia.

Cotton Ink produces special clothes for women, especially adult women because the design of the products they market is almost entirely suitable for work.

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2. Zalora

Someone who likes to shop  online , must be familiar with this one  e-commerce  . Zalora sells a variety of clothing products, ranging from formal clothing to non-formal clothing, both for men, women and children.  has a large selection of famous brands in Indonesia.

Zalora also has several local designers and producers that allow them to meet the needs of various kinds of consumers and still offer competitive prices.

3. Berrybenka

A little different from Zalora, Berrybenka only sells women’s clothing and works with local producers and has a unique catalog.

Berrybenka is a   fashion website that has received funding of Rp. 60 billion.

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4. Pink Emma

As with Berrybenka and CottonInk, this one  online store  is still focused on women’s clothing. But unlike the others, PinkEmma does not only focus on one demographic, but has products for all women, ranging from children, adolescents, to adults.

5. BelowCepek

The  last  online clothing store is BelowCepek. As the name implies, the products offered on  this  website are sold at prices below Rp. 100,000.

They produce their own products and market products with their own brands. If you like shopping and don’t have a   big budget , you can try visiting   their website , friend.

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Want a Bank Approved Loan? These are the 5 Things You Must Fulfill, Jakarta  There are still many prospective customers or customers from banks who still don’t know how to  borrow money  from the bank to be approved. For the problem of applying for a  loan  that has still not been approved, the prospective customer or customer cannot immediately blame the  bank , because the financial institution must have conditions that must be met.

There are so many factors that influence the loan application being rejected by the bank. If you want the loan proposal to be approved, quoted from TunaiKita, there are 5 principles that must be met, along with the description:

1. Character

The first principle is to fulfill the character principle. Character is the same as personality. The essence of this principle is that the agency evaluates the characteristics of prospective customers or customers. Can they be trusted if the application for a loan is approved. Banks will usually conduct checks through BI


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2. Capacity

The second principle is capacity. This principle is a benchmark for applicants in paying credit and assessing their capacity to run finance in accordance with their income, either as employees or having a personal business.

Let’s take the example of an entrepreneur or entrepreneur. When claiming to have a business where the finances are managed by family members such as in-laws or relatives, then of course this will be a question mark by the bank whether the applicant is the owner of the business.

In addition, the bank will also question the capacity of applicants in managing the business, which will be linked to the capacity to manage finances.

3. Capital

This one capacity is closely related to people who feel they have current credit or have never applied for credit but are still rejected by the bank. Before protesting against the bank, it is better to understand this principle first.

Capital is related to the condition of assets and wealth owned by someone, especially customers who have a business.

Simply put, banks will easily verify business progress by looking at how much profit they earn each month and compared to the total assets they have.

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4. Collateral

The fourth principle is  collateral  . Does the asset that the collector submits to the bank cover the submission? Does the collateral have legal documents and according to the procedure of the bank where the loan is applied?

Customers who fail to submit submissions are usually due to not considering collateral value. So, make sure it meets the collateral principle   so that the loan is approved by the bank.

5. Condition

The last principle is  Condition . This principle is a condition that is influenced by factors outside the bank and the customer.

The economic condition of a country or region is also one of the considerations when a bank will disburse a loan to someone. Whether it’s an employee or an entrepreneur. For example, banks have not been able to provide loans related to political conditions in areas that are less stable due to government policies.

Now that is the solution to borrow money from the bank to be approved. Actually, if the applicant meets the criteria, requirements and principles that have been determined, of course it will be easy to get a loan. So, have you met the specified criteria?

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5 of the Best Private Universities in Jakarta, Anything?, Jakarta The  thing that is often a dilemma when going on to continue the education level to higher education is that most prospective students will choose State Universities.

This is because so far   public universities are known to have good service quality and quality education.

However, the  Private University  is also not inferior to the State Universities,  lo . Especially for those who are domiciled in Jakarta, the following 5 recommendations are the   best private universities in Jakarta, as quoted from TunaiKita:

1. Bina Nusantara University

The best private university in Jakarta, the first is Bina Nusantara University. This university, better known as Binus, ranks 15th best private university in Indonesia based on 4 trigger Union Rank.

There are at least 11 faculties that can be chosen if you want to continue your education to Bachelor, including the Faculty of Design, Faculty of Economics and Communication, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Computer Science, and other faculties.

The main campus is located on Jalan KH. Syahdan No. 9 Kemanggisan, Palmerah and on Jalan Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27, Kebon Jeruk-West Jakarta.

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2. Gunadarma University

This university has A accreditation and is one of the favorite private universities. The campus, which was founded in 1996, is very easy to reach by public transport and commuter line trains because it is located on Jalan Margonda Raya 100 Pondok Cina, Depok.

There are 6 faculties that can be chosen for the Strata 1 level, namely the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Literature, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, and the Faculty of Communication Sciences.

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3. Tarumanagara University

The best private university in Jakarta is Tarumanagara University. Located on Jalan Lieutenant General S. Parman No. 1 West Jakarta, Tarumanagara University has been established since 1959.

Tarumanagara University has at least 8 faculties which can be selected for the Undergraduate level, namely the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Information Technology, and Faculty of Communication Sciences.

This university received the title of A in Higher Education Accreditation (AIPT) by BAN-PT since 2017.

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4. Mercu Buana University

In terms of accreditation, this private university is one of the best private universities in Jakarta. The university, founded by the deceased businessman Probosutedjo (deceased) since 1985, has accredited A since the beginning of 2017. In 2018, it ranks 22nd in Indonesia.

There are at least 6 faculties for Bachelor Degree, namely the Faculty of Creative Design and Art, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of Computer Science.

The main campus of the University of Mercu Buana is located on Jalan Meruya Selatan, Kembangan-West Jakarta.

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