Guides instruction of  music cover video (MCV ) competed.

    You can enter the competition of this music cover video ( MCV )

     by means  of the following :

    I. Criteria competition , music cover video (MCV)

   1. Make a video cover music being competed via youtube,

         Smule , or red   karaoke

   2. And then we will choose from all video cover that you have

         made and  choose based on a certain number of possible

         5 cover videos or 10, or 15, 20, 25 or MAX 30 cover videos.

    3. Next we will choose the best video (3 cover videos) to get

       $ 30 as a gift from us. and we will send through western union

       for that to the winners. You can send a confirmation

       email to with the format :

       your full name, email,  and addres full

   II. Assessment criteria

         1.Sonority and Striking maximum value : 50 points (50% )

         2. Power of Sound  maximal value points : 30 points (30%)

         3. Harmonization and Arrangement  maximal value points :

           20 points  (20%)

  III. Criteria prize winner

          1. The award consists of three winners (3 best)

          2. The winners must confirm to  jointroll  via email

              You can send a confirmation email  within 7 days from

               the date of  announcement the winner  to  :

      with the format   : your  full name,

               email and full address.

        3. the winner prize will sending via western union


  IV . Guides instruction for Who Want To Be Number 1 .

         this is for football only 

        you can knowing after you sending to 

         we hope to realize your goal of becoming a winner in the football arena

          congratulations on playing and still always practicing diligently