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Event poloism stickering contest, 22 – 28 May 2017 at the lippo mall kemang jakarta south, is a youth creativity contest held by VW Indonesia. This championship was achieved by representatives from SMA Labschool Kebayoran South Jakarta, followed by representatives from SMA Avicenna Cinere Depok, and then achieved by SMA Bhakti 17

IMG_20170606_125802_HDR[1]   VolksWagon (VW) Indonesia again held the title of polarization stickering contest on 22 – 28 May 2017 at the lippo mall kemang jakarta south.
Activities aimed at pitting the youth creativity race is targeted and aimed at high school students and students.
Jonas chendana, National Manager P.T, Garuda Mataram motor invites the students to creatively display the creativity and their work in the VW Polo1,2 TSI unit.
Through the event series of poloism we want to show that VW polo identical with young people, and has a figure and character for the young at heart, that’s why we chose to hold a stickering contest event. We feel that the event which was attended by students and students who like to berkraeasi this will be exciting, “said Jonas in a press release received by the News, Thursday (1/6).
Activity stickering contest this he managed to attract participation from a number of academic institutions. Recorded as many as 6 groups from 5 schools in Jakarta and surrounding areas attended this event.
Each participating group consists of 5 people. The participating schools include:
SMA Labschool Kebayoran
SMA Avicenna, Cinere Depok
SMK Bhakti 17
SMA Negeri 9, and SMA Nurul Huda.
Each group is given the tools and materials that have been provided and after that they must be creative as possible and change the exterior appearance of VW polo 1.2 TSI to become more interesting,
Taking place on the Avenue of the star – lippo mall kemang, Indonesian volkswagon finally announced the winner of stickering contest poloism on the final day of the event.
We invite the participants to innovate and create as freely as possible. We want this activity to convey the main aspects of VW namely VALUABLE and INNOVATIVE.
We hope that the polarization stickering contest offered by VolksWagonIndonesia can show that polo is a suitable car and suitable for young people, especially for those who are active, creative and innovative, “he said.
Hopefully the future of our activities will continue to attract the younger generation to be more familiar with VW Polo, as well as to provide a better impact for VW iNDONESIA in the future, “added Jonas.

quoted from Warta Kota.